History and Drives
Welcome to Dickinson, ND!

History and Drives

You want to take a drive and DO something, right? Maybe you aren’t into the walking and wildlife viewing and such. Like a little history and taking a drive? We have several ideas for you!

Going a short distance around our area is a day trip that can be fun, and you can learn a few things too along the way.
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Custer Trail Auto Tour – Between 1864 and 1876, five military expeditions crossed the badlands and while the roads don’t exactly line up to yesterday’s trails, the auto tour is divided into two segments that provide access to portions of Sully’s Battle of the Badlands 1864 Trail and Custer’s Historic 1876 Trail. The entire tour is approximately 80 miles on gravel and scoria roads.

Old Red Old Ten Scenic Byway – Paralleling I-94, the Byway was originally referred to as Old Highway 10. The Old Red Old Ten Scenic Byway provides ample opportunity to see the countryside as it was many years ago for those who settled in North Dakota. Follow the 1876 Custer expedition from Ft. Lincoln along the way through Dickinson, along with other historical to check out. History Along the Byway

Stark County Ghost Towns The lives of old towns, the Saturday dances! And, now, many are returned to the start of the bare ground that they began from, while a few…have survived and thrived. Once you get to the spot of some long gone, imagine the beginnings and busy work it took to create a community.

Stark County Cemeteries – Those towns? Many of the residents are now resting in many of these cemeteries. The joy, the conflicts, the celebrations, and the heartbreaks are all held within their gravesites, each with a story to tell you.

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