Wildlife Viewing
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Wildlife Viewing

People watch wildlife because its fun, an enjoyable form of outdoor recreation that is done as a primary activity or an enhancer of other outdoor activities such as auto touring and hiking.

Wildlife watchers depart with a memorable, enjoyable, and educational experience.

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Educational. Learning about different wildlife species is an outdoor experience that is perfect for kids and adults. But how do you do it? Let’s check out some ideas.

How do we do go about it? Wildlife Viewing Tips & Ethics

But, where should we go? Suggested SW ND Areas

How do I know what to look for? List of Wildlife Suggestions to View

What are some other fun things and information to know about the badlands wildlife?

Badlands Plant and Wildlife Booklet

Birds, deer, rabbits and more! What a great way to learn about nature, burn off energy, and create fun memories. Keeping a list of your views is the best way to complete your efforts.

The CVB also has booklets for no charge! Email us info@visitdickinson.com or call 701-483-4988 and we will get which booklets you would like to have and safely give them to you for pick up at our office at 72, E. Museum Dr., Dickinson, ND.

Lake Ilo

Birding Checklist

Trails Guide

Remember – viewing incorporates and demands ethical behavior with the wildlife.

“For observing nature, the best pace is a snail’s pace.” - Edwin Way Teale

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