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Here are some great activity ideas and links that may be helpful when planning your next adventure with the little ones.

Please be sure to call or check online before planning a trip to a specific location.

Get outside and enjoy a nature hike in the national grasslands or a family bike ride on the Crooked Crane Trail. Create your own online word puzzles, enjoy a family movie night, or take a virtual museum tour from the safety of your own home.

Below are some suggestions and links to help you plan!

Dinosaur Bone Dig

What young kid doesn’t want to go on a dinosaur dig? And what do you do if they can’t? Make your own! So maybe this is faking them out, but who cares?

Step 1 – Following a meal that involves bones, a chicken, a pork chop, etc., clean off all of the remaining meat. Take the bone or bones out to the garden, or other dirt area and “age” the bones. Roll them around in the dirt, shaking off the dirt and then store them in a plastic bag.

Step 2 – A family drive to the Little Missouri National Grasslands, where there is 1.5 million acres of public lands next door to us. A good source for a mobile map is the app – Topographic Maps & Trails USGS. Look for an area with clay cliffs and rocks. Bring a few small garden tools for the “dig”.

Step 3 – The adult instructs the dino digger to explore out a few yards ahead, telling them to look for dinosaur bones, amongst the rocks, etc. Quietly and without the little dino digger noticing, you also are “looking”, but then dig a small hole and taking the dino bone out of the plastic bag place at the site, covering it up.

Step 4 – “Oh, come over this way and look!” “Is there something sticking out over there?”

Step 5 – You will be displaying a dinosaur bone on your fireplace mantel now.

Step 5 – Throw the dinosaur bone away after six months.

Social Distancing Kid's Activities in Dickinson, ND.
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Here are some links for dinosaur coloring sheets:



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Mammut Americanum

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Social Distancing Kid's Activities in Dickinson, ND.
Photo courtesy of Theodore Roosevelt Nature and History Association
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