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West River Ice Center

The facility consists of a large arena which measures 216 ft. x 137 ft. with a seating capacity of 1,000 along with a second arena measuring 216 ft. x 100 ft. with a seating capacity of 300. The arenas are used as an indoor ice arena (October-March) and also hosts the Dickinson Hockey Club. During the off-season the arenas are used to host special events such as trade shows, sport shows, circuses, and more.



The West River Ice Center in Dickinson, ND consists of two large areas that can be used for ice arenas, meetings, or events.
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Unique Meeting Venue

Groups interested in renting the West River Ice Center for events such as meetings, educational seminars, conventions, shows, etc. can reserve the facility by contacting Dickinson Parks and Recreation at 456-2074.

We also take reservations for skating parties during the indoor skating season. Skating parties are welcome during public skate hours. Individuals wishing to have a skating party during public skate may reserve by calling 456-2074.

Upstairs Classroom: 1,310 sq. ft.
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