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Last Great Buffalo Hunt Site - Hettinger, ND

By 1883, only 10,000 buffalo remained in this last herd, still ranging the butte country around Hiddenwood Creek (now the communities of Hettinger, Lodgepole, and Reeder). Under constant pressure from both Indian and hunters, their numbers dwindled. The end came in October 1883, when Sitting Bull and a thousand Sioux from Standing Rock killed the last 1,100 buffalo about 15 to 20 miles southeast of what is now Hettinger. The American buffalo had made their last stand as free-ranging herds.

The roadside display near Hettinger, ND overlooks the site of one of the last great buffalo hunts conducted by the Teton Lakota people in 1882 along Hiddenwood Creek. The display includes pictorial signs and an authentic tipi replication. A quick drive from Dickinson, ND!


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The Last Great Buffalo Hunt Site near Hettinger, ND is a quick drive from Dickinson, ND.
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