Dickinson, ND | Custer Trail Auto Tour
Welcome to Dickinson, ND!

Custer Trail Auto Tour

Gold rushes, homesteads, and railroads, setting the stage for conflict. The auto tour is divided into two segments that provide access to portions of Sully's Battle of the Badlands Trail and Custer Historic Trail. The entire tour (approximately 80 miles) can be driven in a single day, but plan on taking 2-3 days, enjoying the area.

This auto tour through the Little Missouri National Grasslands takes visitors to sites and areas seen by five different military expeditions, including Custer and the 7th Cavalry's journey to the Little Bighorn. One section is dedicated to Custer's trail, while another follows General Sully's Battle of the Badlands Trail. View the auto tour sites.

It's easy to get lost in the Badlands, so watch for directional signs that will keep you on track. Located south of Medora.


Custer Trial Auto Tour near Medora, ND is a great day trip from Dickinson, ND.
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