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Welcome to Dickinson, ND!

ATV Trails/Roads

From scoria roads to winding trails with sagebrush and rugged buttes, the ND badlands offer a variety of scenery and trail experiences.

The badlands and grasslands offer breathtaking scenery with rugged adventure. Over 1 million acres of public land provide prairie flora and wildlife viewing. Campgrounds are available. A short drive from Dickinson, ND!
ATV Trails/Roads near Dickinson, ND.
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Ride the trails, enjoy the solitude, and take in the rolling prairies, majestic buttes, cliffs and winding roads bringing you to the next spectacular view.

Off-highway vehicles (OHVs) include:
  • All-terrain vehicles (ATVs)
  • Class 1 ATVs have a total width 50 inches or less from outside of tire rim to outside of tire rim
  • Class 2 ATVs have a total width greater than 50 inches but not more than 65 inches from outside of tire rim to outside of tire rim
  • Off-highway motorcycles (OHMs)
  • Off-road vehicles (ORVs) such as 4x4s
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